Book Review “A Street Cat Named Bob”

By Anastasia Baraeva
2 min read

Have you ever dreamed of someone who could have your back in turbulent times or even bring you back to life? “It might be a street cat,” claims James Bowen, the author of the novel “A Street Cat Named Bob.”

James Bowen is a common drug addict on a downward spiral. Unwell and unhappy, he is about to die when he bumps into a fluffy, ginger fellow in the hallway of his apartment block. With neither a job nor a regular source of income, James decides to take care of the homeless, not thinking about where this snap decision will lead him and his new companion in the future. 

Being envious of people with their devoted four-leg friends, I, of course, found the book to be a page-turner. The suspense was killing me, and I ended up finishing the novel in a week. While I was reading it, the only thought was spinning in my head: Oh my God, how clever Bob is, and how lucky James is to have it! I wish I had a Bob in my life too. Style-wise, given the fact that the book was written by a ghost writer, the language is quite descriptive, and the plot develops dynamically. Therefore, in my opinion, the novel absolutely lives up to the hype.

I would recommend reading this book to those who need a beam of light or a glimmer of hope that everything will be OK no matter what life throws at them. Also, the novel will definitely appeal to pet lovers, especially cat lovers.