white robot near brown wall

One Book About Robots and Humans

By Anastasia Baraeva
2 min read

If you are still puzzled by the question of whether robots will replace humans in the near future, reading the adventure “War: Wizards and Robots” by Brian David Johnson and will.i.am might be an answer to it.

“The future is the past and the present,” says CERN, the most powerful robot in 3019. It is the year when life on Earth is on the brink of extinction because of invaders from another galaxy. Robots cannot find a workable strategy to win the war and decide to make a time-jump back to the past in search of the wisdom of wizards. However, a rift develops in the clan of wizards, the reason for which is the invention of robots. The only person who can heal the rift and figure out how to beat the violent guests is Ada Luring, a 16-year-old teen who lives in 2052.

white robot near brown wall
Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

Buying this book on sale, I couldn’t even imagine that it would turn into a page-turner. I am really impressed by the authors’ decision to involve humans, wizards, and robots in solving the common problem that all of them suddenly face. By doing this, not only do authors beg the question of the rapid AI proliferation, but they also suggest seeing it in a different light. As the plot develops, each character undergoes earnest intrinsic transformations, which again reminds us about core values: hope, love, faith, and sacrifice.

I would definitely recommend reading this book to techno-geeks and those who are seriously worried about the close adjacency of humans and artificial intelligence to get a grain of hope that people will find a way out of a tough spot anyway.