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4 Tips To Unlock Your Creativity

By Anastasia Baraeva
2 min read

When I look at a blank page, I try every mental trick to avoid writing anything on it. If my thoughts wander to anything related to creativity—writing an essay or making a thumbnail for my new YouTube video—anxiety inevitably arises.

This is a familiar scenario for Elizabeth Gilbert, one of the most talked-about writers and the author of “Big Magic.” In her book, she claims that in a creative life, your passions always coexist with your fears. When you succumb to your inner voices’ mocks—persistent and repetitive thoughts around your imperfections or a lack of prerequisite background to be an artist—it might send you in detours or even grab the wheel. 

But it is actually unproductive, Elizabeth Gilbert says. “Fears are nothing more than passengers in the backseat who keep your company and remind you of the things you care about,” she writes in her book. 

white paper on white surface
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Here are some extremely helpful tips and tricks from the book:

Don’t rely on your art to cover your living expenses

Establish a clear line between your day job and art, and be strict about maintaining it. When there is a job that can pay the bills, it is much easier to commit to your craft. By not putting a lot of pressure on it, you will ignite your passion even more. Otherwise, your relationship with the art will inevitably turn sour.

Learn the difference between originality and authenticity

Searching for original ideas, unfortunately, will not eliminate your fears. Instead, fuel your creative spirit by experiencing pretty common things firsthand. “If your idea is authentic enough, it already feels original,” Elizabeth Gilbert suggests.

Don’t take things seriously

We are often so focused on the outcome of our creative work that we don’t realize feeling stressed. Turn your inner martyr into a trickster, and you will find that making art has never been easier. Shift your focus from unproductive brooding to the game of active and creative problem-solving. Not only will this help you channel your creative energy into looking for a way out of any tough spot, but it will also give you the freedom to pursue your passions and live creatively.

Stay curious

Living a creative life is more about staying curious than just doing an “artistic” activity. Keep in mind that curiosity empowers creativity—follow those crazy ideas that give you butterflies and see where they will lead you.