My travel story which has a message

By Anastasia Baraeva
2 min read

They say that everyone is supposed to become independent. Yet, who wants to push themselves out of their comfort zone? Of course, nobody does. This is the reason existential crises exist—to help you realize that you’ve already grown.

Last summer, I experienced an existential crisis when I was broke, devastated, and lost in terms of what to do with my life. I was on a downward spiral: my productivity was down by fifty percent, and everything seemed to me irritating and worthless. I decided to go on a trip to the mountains, where I had never been before, as they say, to recharge my battery. It was as far away as I had never gone before, too far from my typical life. Honestly, I was frightened by all of those things happening there, but I was so proud of myself because I did everything myself only because of my own choice, and thank God, I survived; I am still alive. Unexpectedly, that decision to go in the middle of nowhere became the milestone of my life, as if it proved: “Indeed, Nastya, you are already a grown-up, you can achieve whatever you need. Wow!” 

Taking care of myself was another skill I learned on that trip. I lived in a hotel where there was a smorgasbord every morning. I usually chose a nice, warm bowl of oatmeal, boiled eggs, a few slices of cheese, and a piece of cheesecake with a cup of coffee for breakfast. Those delicious breakfasts set the stage for radical changes in my daily routine when I came back down to earth. I asked myself, Why didn’t I make such breakfasts for myself at home? At that time, I was not good at cooking milk porridge, but being a stubborn person, I was determined to acquire the skill. I watched a few YouTube videos and ruined one pot, but one week later, I got the perfect mouth-watering porridge on my own. And you know, it was a game changer because having a hearty meal every day turned into a way to say to myself, “I love you, I take care of you, and everything will be fine!” I don’t wait for anybody to say these kind words to me anymore because I can do it myself. This is my way to independence and adulthood, and you could follow it too, if you wish.